Cabbage will never be the same

Cabbage is one of those veges that has bad childhood memories for me.  Cooked too long – disgusting.  Not sliced thinly enough – equally disgusting.  And lets face it – bland bland bland.  So when I saw that Madame Vy (Trinh Diem Vy) had put Cabbage leaf parcels with shrimp mousse in broth on the menu for the Morning Glory Cooking School in Hoi An, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about learning how to make it. 

The beauty of Madame Vy’s cooking school is that you learn much more about the food than just how to cook it.  Cabbage, apparently, is very good for your stomach.  A prospective bride must make this soup for the future mother-in-law.  It tests her cooking skills and indicates how well she will look after her future husband’s health.

It was gorgeous and well worth of effort involved in rolling little shrimp dumplings in cabbage leaves and tying up with spring onion into a wee green bow. 

Cook 6 cabbage leaves in salted water for 2 minutes. Blanch the green part of 12 spring onions. Bring litre of vege stock to the boil. Using two oiled teaspoons, shape the shrimp mousse into small balls and poach the dumplings for one minute. Place the dumpling on the edge of each sqaured off cabbage leaf.  Fold up and tie with the spring onion. Place parcels in broth with carrot slices, and any left over shrimp balls. Serve with sprinkle of coriander and few drops of sesame oil.

Shrimp Mousse:
Blend 200gm shrimps, 1/4 t sea salt and black pepper, 1/2 t fish sauce, 1/2 t sugar, 1/3 cup finely chopped spring onion, and one egg white.

Here’s the link to the Morning Glory website.  You will see that Madame Vy’s empire is much more than the cooking school.

One thought on “Cabbage will never be the same

  1. i took part in the cooking classes at morning glory a few months ago and loved this dish. light, yet still so full of flavour. i just never got the recipe for the shrimp mousse! thank you so much for posting, and yes, i totally agree, it is gorgeous and well worth the effort!

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