Maranui Organic Pork

Eating only locally produced seasonal food (local as in your ‘neighbourhood’) would be a serious challenge.  I would miss: Hawkes Bay apples, Whittakers Coconut Rough chocolate, roquefort cheese, ricotta, stilton (in fact, all and any cheeses), Bakeworks gluten free bread, blue cod, Divella’s 00 pizza flour, strong black coffee and the list goes on.

One of the many great things about pretending to live in the countryside is the abundance of local produce.  My friend Sally, who does live in the country (and even has a horse) gave me some fresh Maranui organic pork for our Sunday lunch last weekend.  It is certainly worth writing about.

It was sweet and succulent!  I layed peeled and sliced potatoes, cored sliced apples and sliced fresh pineapple in a baking dish, added sage, then placed the pork chops on top and baked.  I made a jus with the gorgeous pan scrappings and added some apple cider.  The potatoes absorbed the pork juices (read fat) and the sweetness of the fruit.  The pork was moist, and had a clean taste that you dont get from supermarket bought pork.  Have a look at their website

The pigs are fed on organic vegetables without the use of any antibiotics.  You will certainly taste the difference.

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