Cordon Bleu – Counting down

Two months to go and the Cordon Bleu course starts.  As part of the preparation I am concentrating my cooking efforts on Adam Newell creations, as he has just been named the Head Chef tutor.  His first book, A Consuming Passion is out of print – thank goodness for the public library.  If anyone has a copy and is prepared to lend, I would be most grateful.  Payment by way of the sumptuous meal.

The first two dishes were pretty successful – A scallop and leek tart with a vinaigrette and chicken livers wrapped in prosciutto served on a onion confit.  The liver were supposed to be only seared but I felt nervous about that so cooked them through.  They were still soft and delicious.  Feeling the need for something sweet and just happening to have a huge slab on chocolate on hand, I made the coconut chocolate slice which looked like a huge cow pat but tasted like a bounty bar!  The texture is a bit gooey. Next time I will make it into ball and coat with cocoa.  How am I going to cope on the course when I can’t make the same thing twice and have trouble sticking to a recipe.

2 thoughts on “Cordon Bleu – Counting down

  1. Lovely yo see you in blogosphere again Heathery! You will be fine – remember you have us to experiment and play with detours when we cook together. Love the cute little parcels above.Sue

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