Beetroot Salad in 3 seconds

At the Food Bloggers’ conference …  (sorry, I know I keep going on about it, but it was so good) … anyway at the Food Bloggers’ conference we had this discussion about what to do if people offer you stuff in the hope that you will help promote it on your blog.  Someone had been offered baking stuff like sugar.  The upshot seemed to be that you need to be prepared to be honest about whatever it was.
When I got a call from the Thermomix consultant offering me a week-long trial I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  I had heard so much about this machine that I wanted to find out for myself.  How could one smallish machine do so much, and was it really worth $2,410?
It was only afterwards that I had a stern talking to myself about the need to be completely honest and in no way compromise the integrity of my blog.  I did a google search for other reviews and couldn’t find any critical comments.  In fact in the November 2011 issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller there’s a great review by Dani Valentwho’s now produced a Thermomix Cookbook.
I love food:  eating it, smelling it, touching it and preparing it so I’m really curious how this machine will impact on the overall pleasure I get from being at the stove, wooden spoon in hand, lovingly and slowly stirring in the hot stock to the risotto or breathing in the delights of bubbling marmalade or watching the fluid in the double boiler transform into curd.
I had a one-hour demo this afternoon with Aletta Marx and she made a Fruity Dream – sugar, frozen berries and egg white. It was a delicious thick soft serve gelato like substance.  Yes, you could make it in a food processor but I doubt you’d get the same consistency – certainly not in 1 minute 15 seconds, anyway.   So far so good.
I now have possession of the machine and have made a beetroot salad, egg custard and a cake.  It’s hard not to be impressed with a machine that turns raw beetroot, carrot, apple, olive oil, and mint into a salad in three seconds.  I must say I was pretty gobsmacked.
The crème patisserie took 20 seconds to combine and seven minutes to cook.  Not a lump in sight.

The Torta Caprese  was a surprise too.  It grated a 250 gm cake of chocolate in about 8 seconds and turned whole almonds into grinds in 6 seconds.  Once you’ve mixed the other ingredients (eggs, sugar, butter, cocoa and baking powder) for 20 seconds you add the chocolate and almonds and mix for 30 seconds then bake in a moderate oven.  It made a scrummy cake.

Really looking forward to experimenting more over the next week.  I know it’s only day one but I haven’t suffered any Kenwood Chef withdrawal symptoms yet but I am seriously worried about its future.

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