Saturday night roast with the trimmings

It’s wonderful having a chef in the house.  My friend and social media manager Demelza has been in Martinborough for the weekend with her beau, Mitch, who’s a chef.  Demelza has redone my blog – and isn’t it beautiful?  I now feel much more confident about blogging my Cordon Bleu experience on such a professional looking site.

Anyway,back to food.  I rubbed the lamb with crushed garlic, threw in some rosemary, put a little water in the bottom of the pan, covered it an popped it in the oven on 160, timed to come out before the rugby test.  I know about the test for rare steak on the ball of your thumb but also learnt the finger to thumb test.  The more well cooked the meat the firmer the touch at the base of your thumb as you cycle through your fingers from closest to the thumb to further away.

Hah – I call every sauce or juicy stuff over the meat a jus because it sounds so professional but what I have actually been making is a pan jus.    Last night it was simply gravy -rich and dark brown.

The leeks have been really slow growing this winter so I harvested them anyway and we had the most succulent baby leeks, put in a pan of water at a rolling boil for one minute, then sauteed in butter just before serving.  But the big hint – adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the boiling water before adding the leeks brings out the colour.  In fact, they were greener than when they went in.

More tips to come.


4 thoughts on “Saturday night roast with the trimmings

  1. Hi Heather – congrats on a fantastic blog and also on going to Le Cordon Bleu! That is just fantastic and I know you will do so well there. I am looking forward to reading more about the experience – it is really exciting for Wellington to have this new addition to our gastro culture!

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