Lesson 10 – Supreme de volaille chivry

Many of the terms and techniques for lesson 10 are new to me.  We’re making Supreme de volaille chivry – chicken breasts that we have to take off the bird and prepare for stuffing with a mousseline. We’re using a beurre manie as the thickening agent for the sauce and adding a beurre ravigote just before service.  Plus, we can try making a Ballantine with the leg and thigh, and ‘turn’ mushrooms. See what I mean?  This is not like any stuffed chicken dish I have made at home.

Supreme de volaille chivry

I am surprised at how confident I am boning the bird.  I get the breast off and prepare it for stuffing and have a go at the leg as well.  I make the mousseline with bench buddies Amy and Kimberley.  It’s quite a process but it’s going well.  Forcing minced chicken through a drum sieve takes time and patience.

I pipe the mousseline into the breast and fold over the chicken. Looking good.  It goes into the buttered pan with stock and then into the oven.  I remember to set my timer to check it later.  Onions are done so I try turning the mushrooms.  Naturally it’s harder than it looks.  It’s nothing like turning potatoes or carrots.  You have to press hard enough to go through the skin –  but not too far in – and then you have to twirl down and around to the stalk to get nice neat swirls.  I completely ruin two perfectly good mushrooms. They look like they have been chewed by a rat.  I’ll go to Parkvale at the weekend and get a box of seconds and practise like mad.

What an expertly turned mushroom looks like. Chef’s of course.

There’s real order in the kitchen today.  Everyone seems to be comfortable with the tasks – except those mushrooms.  I cook the Ballantine which is simmering (95-98 degrees for those who don’t know), and check the chicken which goes back in the oven to colour slightly.

It all comes together.  It looks amazingly good.  The sauce is a perfect consistency.  It’s a good day in the kitchen.

No longer will I haphazardly slit breasts down the side and shove in a bit of pesto.  I get home and the family declares it the best dish yet.  I can’t bear to tell them that it’s Calves’ Liver next.

3 thoughts on “Lesson 10 – Supreme de volaille chivry

  1. Beautiful! Good techniques to master and reuse – I look forward to trying this myself, tho my guidance will have to be from Beck, Bertholle and Child. And calves liver – yum! I’ll gladly help polish that off!

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