Lesson 26 – Chocolate and orange – an unbeatable combo

Mousse au chocolat a l'orange

Mousse au chocolat a l’orange

What a work of art.  This is Chef’s mousse and he made it look so easy.  I’m a big mousse fan and have made a few over the years but I’ve never taken much care presenting them…maybe just a blob of cream or a sprinkle of icing sugar.  The candied orange zest we make to go with it is so easy.  I can’t believe I’ve never made it before.  It’s sweet but the citrus flavour cuts through the richness of the mousse and provides a nice crunch.  Future dinner guests, expect to see lots of candied delights on the plate.  We also get to play around with some chocolate which had been tempered for us by classmate Rodrigo who is also a patisserie student.

Mushroom omelette

Mushroom omelette

The savoury dish is omelettes.  Pffff, who hasn’t made omelette before?  But Chef says that we shouldn’t be too cocky about making ordinary old omelettes.  After all, this is Le Cordon Bleu and it has to be done a particular way.  He wants us to cook it medium rare.  What?  Basically, he wants them a little runny and certainly not overcooked.  There’s to be no colour on the outside. All three (plain, herb and mushroom) must be the same shape and served on one plate.

There’s no room for error.  Once the eggs are in the pan, it’s “game on”.  As soon as the egg starts to cook on the outside, I whisk them all together then fold in one third, push the omelette to the edge of the pan and gently fold in the opposite third.  Voila. By the time we are on to the third omelette most of us have got it pretty right.

Kimberely's dishes

Kimberley’s dishes

Now to get the mousse out of the container.  In the demo, Chef used a large blow torch on the stainless steel mould to release his mousse but I have never used one before and am certainly not confident enough to give it a go.  I go to plunge a knife down the side when Chef stops me, lights the blow torch and heats the mould up just enough for the mousse to slide elegantly on to the plate.   A quenelle of creme chantilly, some baby snakes of candied peel and a plate of three perfectly formed omelettes and it’s over for another day.

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