Lesson 27 – What a finish, quail and vanilla pudding souffle

It’s nine weeks since the course started and this is the last formal class but by no means the last blog post.  I’ll be sharing my exam experience and the two extra class being put on next week, which include food and wine matching.   But for now the emphasis is on marinated quail with lime and coriander butter, and a vanilla pudding souffle.

We’re pan frying the boned marinated quail and serving it with lime and coriander butter.  Not being familiar with quail, I imagine that we are boning the whole thing until I see the actual size of it.  They are so tiny.  All we are doing is taking the breast and leg off in one piece.

Two tiny quail for boning

Two tiny quail for boning

The boned quail

The boned quail

The marinade is one I will use again, probably not for quail but for fish or chicken.  It’s just coriander seeds, sea salt, olive oil and chopped limes.  You put it on the quail for about half an hour before cooking it.  The lime, coriander and butter is mixed together and shaped into a small sausage before going into the fridge to harden slightly.  It is then sliced and put on top of the cooked quail.  So even when we do an Asian inspired dish, butter is still a major feature.

Cailles grillees acev beurre de lime et de coriandre

Cailles grillees acev beurre de lime et de coriandre

There’s a lot of angst about the souffle.  Not everyone produced a perfect souffle last time.  And this method is slightly different.  We put the ramekins in a pan with simmering water on the stove top until they start to rise and then whip them into the oven.  We’re serving them with the most delicious sauce Melba.  I can smell that someone somewhere in the room has let the raspberries and sugar cook too long.  I get a bit windy and take mine off the heat, probably too early.  We’ve got to blend it before passing it.  I am over the moon about my souffle. It has risen beautifully and I must get it and the quail up to Chef before it plummets. With all the last minute activity I forget to taste the Melba to check it for sweetness. There’s always so much to remember.   The quail looks pink, just how Chef wants it.  Other students oooh and aaah over my souffle and Chef is as chuffed as I am.  The last class finishes on a high.  Time now to concentrate on some study.

Vanilla pudding souffle - scrumptious!

Vanilla pudding souffle – scrumptious!

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