Le Cordon Bleu Extra – Duck breast with red currants and the best ever tarte au Chocolat

My first Le Cordon Bleu experience is over but it won’t be my last.   We had our graduation ceremony today and are now proud owners of a Certificat de Cuisine de Base.  Most of the students are continuing on through the next two courses, Intermediate and Advanced and they will graduate with a Diploma in another six months or so.  I am thinking that I might do the Patisserie de Base next winter – cakes, pastry, biscuits, chocolate…….how could I not?

A highlight for me today was showing my family around the school.  It felt strange knowing that I wont be joining the others back in the kitchen on January 14 but I’ll follow their progress closely.  During Intermediate they will be serving the public in LCB restaurant and I intend being one of the first patrons.

My food blog will continue on a regular basis as I experiment with the LCB recipes.  I will also be working my way through the gift I got today for gaining Distinction – the magnificent Cuisine Foundations book by the Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu.  It’s a detailed record of all the techniques we went through in Cuisine, plus more.   Very happy to lend this to anyone who’s keen (without any test or exam on return).

Even though our formal classes finished with the exam last week we had an extra couple of classes to round off the tenth week.  We made duck breasts with redcurrants and a tarte au chocolat – perfect Christmas food.  We scored the duck skin, browned it (skin side down) and cooked it in the oven for about 7 minutes.

The sauce is 200 ml port which you reduce in the pan, then add 1 tbs redcurrant jelly, washed red currants, 100ml demi glace and finish off with a few drops of lemon.  It looks very Christmassy with the redcurrants and a green garnish.

As for the tart, it’s a blind baked pastry base with a ganache chocolate filling made up of 180 gms chocolate, 180 ml cream and 37 gms butter. It’s laced with raspberry which cuts through the richness of the ganache.

Tarte au chocolat

Tarte au chocolat


5 thoughts on “Le Cordon Bleu Extra – Duck breast with red currants and the best ever tarte au Chocolat

  1. You must feel really pleased to have done so well. Love the photo. Have a very enjoyable Christmas with your family – I wish you were cooking our Christmas dinner! xx

  2. Loved all your posts Heather. Broke out in a sweat several times with the pumpkin fiasco and so many things to remember in such a pressured time frame – rushed to the end to make sure the blog ended well. Well done you on creaming the course and look forward to the winter blogs on the baking and chocolate. Have a great Christmas

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