Practice makes perfect

After last week’s ‘hiccups’ I’ve confined myself to the kitchen cottage over the weekend to practise some of the tricky things that threw me.  Lets start with gnocchi piemontaise, the Italian version of gnocchi made with potato and served with pesto.  Mine tasted great but I struggled with the shape in class.  The recipe said 2 eggs and that’s what Chef Paul used but the ones on my tray were huge and I think that’s why the mixture was too soft.  This time I don’t add all the egg and it’s spot on.  I roll out the potato dough into long thin sausages, cut off 2 cm pieces, roll them into a ball and run each one across the back of a fork to give the ridged affect, before flipping it over on itself and voila!  They were really good but a tiny bit too big.

squares of gnocchi


boiling gnocchi

served gnocchi

The other form is gnocchi Parisienne, made with choux pastry and cheese.  Once again in class my mixture was too runny and it wouldn’t break off nicely as  I piped it into the simmering water.  But I got it the right consistency this time and it turned out really well.  When you cook out the paste you need to make sure you dry it out as much as possible.  Also there’s quite a technique to squeezing the pasta out of the bag and cutting it off.  It takes practice.  And I have an inclination when cooking to make everything bigger than it should be.



pot 2


And lastly, the rhubarb financiers.  The name comes from their popularity in the stock exchange area in Paris.  They are supposed to resemble gold bars. Of course, mine didn’t.  The rhubarb at Martinborough isn’t ready yet so I used frozen raspberries.  I made them in friand tins, hence the design on the bottom.  They were delicious.  I can start the new school week with renewed confidence.  Roll on Monday.


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