The biggest cooking challenge yet

It’s the real deal.  We are cooking for paying customers.   We’re running the Le Cordon Bleu Brasserie for dinner Tuesday, and lunch and dinner Wednesday.  The superior students are doing the rest of the week.  There’s a lot of hype.  The week has been given a big build up by the Chefs.  This is a … Continue reading

The most delicious dessert in minutes

Chef Paul asks if we’ve all had lunch.  What a great way to start class.  Even though hardly anyone replies. It’s 3pm, hours since lunchtime.  We know we are in for a treat.  He offers us some of his duck liver parfait on brioche.  It’s week 8 and I am seriously running out of superlatives.  … Continue reading

A Classic French dish

The pace is really stepping up.  Every class feels like a big class as we head towards our week in the Brasserie Le Cordon Bleu where we will hone our skills by preparing dinner for paying customers.  There will be lots of pressure.  Patrons will have high expectations.  And I’m expecting the atmosphere to be … Continue reading

Steak and chips, French style

It’s an irresistible combination of dishes for lesson 19 and even though the injured finger is still incredibly tender, there is no way I am missing this class.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to produce all three dishes but I do know that Rob and Ravi will help me. There’s quite a bit of … Continue reading

An enforced change of pace

I’ve had a wee mishap, not at school but at home.  It will make you cringe so I wont go on about it but it involves the nail on my ring finger, a splinter of wood, a trip to A and E, a local anesthetic, a scalpel, pairs of tweezers and a lot of pain. … Continue reading

More pork

My ricotta from lesson 16 isn’t a huge success but a solution is found and the dessert is superb in the end.  The cheese is very runny and while it tastes good, it might not hold together well when it’s taken out of the dariole mould and the muslin is removed.  As luck would have … Continue reading