The terror of Tuiles

Chef Paul starts the session with a passionate reminder about seasoning our food. We must keep tasting it as we cook each dish to make sure we get the seasoning right.  It’s clear he abhors under-seasoned food.  I make it my mission today to concentrate hard on trying to educate my palate. We’re making paupiettes … Continue reading

Intermediate – Lesson Three

Canapes and a seasonal salad with a Roquefort dressing are on the menu. Tuna is one of my favourite fish so I’m looking forward to making Tartare de thon sur cuillere, tiny squares (brunoise) of tuna mixed with herbs, toasted seeds, ginger and other tasty morsels like Wasabi (the real kind) and served on Asian … Continue reading

Intermediate – Lesson Two

When the kids were little they loved slushies – those disgustingly sweet highly coloured icy abominations.  But what about a Mojito slushie?  It’s actually called Mojito Granite and is used as a palate cleanser and by God is it good. But first to the food for Lesson Two: Souffle chaud au fromage,  salade de anguille … Continue reading

Intermediate – Lesson One

Within one hour of sitting down in the demonstration room we are eating hot homemade English muffins oozing with melted butter and sprinkled with a little salt.  They’re not part of the curriculum but Chef Paul wants us to try them because they are so much nicer than bought ones.   He generously and enthusiastically provides … Continue reading

Le Cordon Bleu Exam Experience

It’s a slow and unenthusiastic walk to school.  I’m not quite sure what to expect.  It’s not just that it’s such a long time since I’ve sat an exam, but this is a cooking exam.