No ordinary apple pie

Apple pie is an all time favourite in our house, so much so that on the odd occasion when my husband, so deprived of spending time in the kitchen, actually gets to cook, it’s an ancient Apple and Pear Marketing Board recipe for apple shortcake that he turns to.  It’s good, too. As with everything … Continue reading

Oh baby, that’s good

If you’re sensitive about eating anything that’s still at baby stage, except carrots,  don’t read this.  It contains a detailed description about boning, cooking and eating baby chickens and may offend some people.  These tiny little critters sit in the palm of your hand so boning them is going to be like microsurgery.  Chef Paul … Continue reading

A lamb dish to die for

I get into school early knowing that there is no overnight miracle that will have turned my puff pastry into anything remotely close to being useable.  Chef Paul knows as well.  He takes me into the prep kitchen where he has started a new batch for me.  What can I say?  I get my own … Continue reading

Intermediate – Lesson Three

Canapes and a seasonal salad with a Roquefort dressing are on the menu. Tuna is one of my favourite fish so I’m looking forward to making Tartare de thon sur cuillere, tiny squares (brunoise) of tuna mixed with herbs, toasted seeds, ginger and other tasty morsels like Wasabi (the real kind) and served on Asian … Continue reading

Parmigiana – a recipe with history

My sister recently gave me my grandmother’s recipe books.  I fell upon them hoping I would find some secret miracle recipe – Haggis for 200 didn’t quite do it but it sent me back in time

Make your own balsamic syrup

One of my favourite breakfasts is tomatoes on toast with balsamic syrup at Astoria in Lambton Quay.  (It’s even better since they have been offering ‘trim’ coffee.)  I asked them once how they made the syrup

Saturday night roast with the trimmings

It’s wonderful having a chef in the house.  My friend and social media manager Demelza has been in Martinborough for the weekend with her beau, Mitch, who’s a chef.  Demelza has redone my blog – and isn’t it beautiful?  I now feel much more confident about blogging my Cordon Bleu experience on such a professional … Continue reading

Love affair with goat’s cheese

I can’t remember life without goat’s cheese.  I always have some in the fridge either to marry with onion confit on a wee tart or to spread on crusty bruschetta.  It also goes so well with figs and prosciutto.  Up until recently I have been buying imported cheese but tried the Puhoi produce recently and … Continue reading